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Adventure Travel Group: Worldwide Bicycle Tours
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Vacation: It means different things to different people. While some of us want to park ourselves in a beach chair, others want an adrenaline boost. This is where Adventure Travel Group comes on the scene. Offering a selection of worldwide bicycle tours, it’s a vacation that’s more about the journey than the destination. However, the destinations aren’t bad either, as Adventure Travel Group pedals through European hotpots like France, Italy, Spain, Croatia and Slovenia. It also tours Chile and Argentina, as well as Canada and Colorado.

These bicycle tours aren’t like a casual ride around the park, but tuned, geared and greased for the experienced biker. Whether you’re gliding amongst the poplar trees of Southern France or hugging the curves along the Italian coast, Adventure Travel Groups covers between 50-70 miles a day. The cost of these global adventures ranges from $795 to $4,395. The tours are fully supported.

The cap on the number of guests allowed on the biking tours is 16, which is towards the lower end of tour group size caps.  It also allows Adventure Travel Group to bring you to some of the quaintest inns and restaurants in the selected country.  Four course dinners and regional wines are served nightly. You’ll not only pedal through historic regions, but also get a sense of the terroir.  It’s a bicycle tour that gives you both a heart-stopping adventure and a crash course in winemaking.