Bike Tour Operator Reviews

Backroads Bike Tours

801 Cedar St.

Berkeley, CA 94710

As one of the largest providers biking, cultural, hiking and sport trips, Backroads offers some of the best adventures coupled with accommodations in the industry. The company offers guests a selection of 300 trips in 44 countries including the most popular destinations in the world: France, Italy, USA, Costa Rica, China, India and New Zealand. Despite their size, the service from the staff is never compromised resulting in an amazing trip.  Backroads is positioned towards the luxury end of the spectrum, though there is some flexibility in terms of accommodations for those who don’t want to spend quite as much.

The price of each trip varies on duration, location and number of individuals in the group. There are several accommodation options: “Casual Inns” which feature 3-4 star hotels and “Premiere Inns” which boost the luxury level to 4-5 stars. Of course the latter is more expensive. Backroads focuses primarily on the upper-middle cost to lower luxury cost, depending on the chosen options.

From an experience standpoint there are options to suite all levels. Also, the company offers fully-supported and self-guided vacations. Since Backroads is such a large company, the average group size is 16 travelers. Backroads is always highly-regarded within the single community as being an excellent way to meet new people.