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Bicycle Adventure Club
PO BOX 23998
San Diego, CA 92193

The Bicycle Adventure Club is a nonprofit organization specializing in guided European and North American hybrid and road cycling. Many cyclists choose this tour operator for its reasonably priced but high-quality packages to such places as Australia, Ireland and the United States. Tours often include van transport and three or four star lodgings with continental breakfasts and dinners. You should bring your own bike.

The club requires members to be over 18 years old and very active in the sport of cycling. Members work together to come up with unique bike adventures, like the Hautes Pyrenees Tour in France, for anyone who wishes to sign up. Membership fees are $50 for the first year of joining and $25 for all subsequent renewals.

Cycling tour schedules change annually, but all members need to meet approval from the Ride Director before joining. Every tour, whether held in the United States or overseas, is rated for its difficulty. Ratings list the types of terrain (paved, graveled, mountainous or rough) in a specific region, the cycling distance and climbing difficulty members should expect to encounter. The Bicycle Adventure Club also rates tours based on weather conditions, endurance factors and navigation changes. For example, a climbing level of one reaches heights of 1,500 feet, while a distance level of D exceeds 105 km.

The bike tours are guided by volunteer members and can take up to 40 riders, depending on the tour. Tours are all-inclusive packages that include lodging, meals, van transportation and non-cycling activities like hiking. Pricing varies by the type of tour destination, but all expected expenses are listed with each ride.