Bike Switzerland

Bike Switzerland   
22 Rue des Grottes
1201, Geneva

Bike Switzerland is a premier leader in providing luxury and adventure bike tours across Switzerland.  Guides take you along well-traveled routes with stops in Switzerland’s towns and villages, including the town of Morges.  Use the company’s premium bikes or bring your own.

The company offers four unique itineraries that begin in or travel through Switzerland’s major cities. The Lite Holiday Package is a 12-day hybrid bike luxury tour that begins in the great city of Geneva and ends in Arbon.  Wine sampling of Freiburger and Riesling-Sylvaner in Vully and history tours in Windisch help complete your voyage.

The Challenge Holiday Package for seven days consists of tough hybrid cycling, hiking and climbing. Expect to take on the mountainous terrain of the Swiss Alps on day five.  Day 6 takes you to Lucerne, a small, but important city in Switzerland for museum visits and history tours.  

The Jura Holiday Package takes you along the paved roads of Lac de Joux, Saint Hippolyte and the major city of Basel. As you road bike along these comfortable paths, you make stops to the Jura Mountains near Basel for a day of hiking, Saignlégier for meals of horse meat (if you dare) and Basel for a history tour of castles, museums and churches.  Tour de Suisse can be tough as you travel through mountainous terrain and up steep hills by mountain or hybrid bike.  You cycle through Rapperswil, Ibergeregg Pass and Lake Walen.

Package Prices Per Person Fee as of 2012 (Minimum riders 5, maximum 18)

  • Lite: 3,900 Chf, $3937.17 USD
  • Challenge: 3,850 Chf, $3886.69 USD
  • Jura: 3,750 Chf, $3785.74 USD
  • Tour de Suisse:  2450 Chf, $2473.35 USD