Blue Marble

Blue Marble2 Rue Dussoubs75002 Paris, France towards a more economic rider, Blue Marble only provides one tour guide per group with typically limited on-the-road van support. Although luggage is transported between hotels, there are several days on each trip where the traveler must use saddle bags to haul one day’s worth of clothing. In most instances, this required independence creates long-lasting camaraderie’s within the group.Food and wine are given the highest priority on each trip and one or two star accommodations are the norm. Blue Marble hosts the youngest clientele of all bike tour groups. As a result, evening activity is one of the highest pr...


CycleItaliaP.O. Box 1386Sioux City, Iowa 51102Tel.- (877)-ITALBIKE is an excellent choice for bicycle tours throughout the beautiful country of Italy. Owned and operated by a married couple named Heather and Larry, the pair have over 20 years of combined cycling experience. CycleItalia aims to offer unprecedented service to their customers with memorable bicycle tours leaving no detail left out. As a smaller bicycle tour provider, they can offer a personal touch that other companies cannot with a surprisingly comparable price point. Once you are on tour with CycleItalia, they provide all of your transportation, lodging, group dinner served with...

Our Favorite Spots: Bordeaux and Beyond

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Our Favorite Spots: Bordeaux and Beyond

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Bike Tour Operator Reviews Backroads Bike Tours 801 Cedar St. Berkeley, CA 94710 As one of the largest providers biking, cultural, hiking and sport trips, Backroads offers some of the best adventures coupled with accommodations in the industry. The company offers guests a selection of 300 trips in 44 countries including the most popular destinations in the world: France, Italy, USA, Costa Rica, China, India and New Zealand. Despite their size, the service from the staff is never compromised resulting in an amazing trip.  Backroads is positioned towards the luxury end of the spectrum, though there is some flexibility in terms of ...

Classic Adventures

Classic AdventuresP.O. Box 143,Hamlin, NY 14464-0143Tel.- (800)-777-8090 over thirty years, Classic Adventureshas provided bicycle tours and supportservices to bicyclists both novice and of the expert level. Offering bicycle tours in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Classic Adventures has a tour for you regardless of skill level, with guided and self-guided tours available. Classic Adventures prides itself on providing professional and quality services to travelers who want to see the world from their bicycle. Additionally, Classic Adventures provides their services at a highly competitive price for travelers who are working with a budget. Marketing ...


Decadent chocolate desserts, daring fashion shows and beer to tempt even the most discerning connoisseurs’ taste buds all describe what Belgium has to offer you. However, a glowing gem – cycling - hides within all the jewels of Belgium. Cycling is fast becoming a reason to visit this great country in Europe. While on holiday, experience the best of Belgium by bike.Climate and TerrainThe country’s temperate climate along the coastal regions produces warm to cool summers and mild winters ideal for all-year cycling vacations. Rainfall occurs consistently in Belgium but the months of April to September often see less rain than any other time.Belgium’s terrain consists of perfect flat cyc...

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Sticker price on a bike tour isn’t usually all-inclusive. The costs involved for cycling vacations can vary a great deal by tour providers and locations. The good news is there are bike tours intended for every budget imaginable, and many additional costs can be reduced and controlled. Some of the additional expenses involved in taking a bike vacation, in order from most to least costly are: Find Out if Food is Included Many of the higher end tours offered by Duvine and Butterfield & Robinson offer food themed tours where many meals are included in the price. Breakfasts and Dinners are usually covered, but cyclists must fend for themselves for lunch time meals. Food and wine t...