Blue Marble

Blue Marble

2 Rue Dussoubs

75002 Paris, France

Marketing towards a more economic rider, Blue Marble only provides one tour guide per group with typically limited on-the-road van support. Although luggage is transported between hotels, there are several days on each trip where the traveler must use saddle bags to haul one day’s worth of clothing. In most instances, this required independence creates long-lasting camaraderie’s within the group.

Food and wine are given the highest priority on each trip and one or two star accommodations are the norm. Blue Marble hosts the youngest clientele of all bike tour groups. As a result, evening activity is one of the highest priorities and going single is encouraged.

Since Blue Marble offers an economical vacation, the price is quite affordable and there are many destinations available including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. There are two types of cycle trips: self-guided and charter. Self-guided is more for the flexible traveler while charter trips are for groups looking to customize their trip. Currently there is no cap on the number of riders within a group. However, those with 12 or more guests are encouraged to customize their trip.

Additionally, there are several levels of experience to accommodate all riders. Due to the young clientele, Blue Marble is commonly known as offering a more “party-like” atmosphere with plenty of nighttime activities.