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Butterfield & Robinson

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 Since 1966, Butterfield & Robinson has been providing domestic and international tours to travelers. They offer many unique tours and services to their clientele, and remains a strong provider of high-end bicycling vacations and tours to Canada and the world. What sets Butterfield & Robinson apart from their competition lays in their professionalism and their unique tour destinations. Butterfield & Robinson leaves no detail left unfinished, as they offer luxurious accommodations, fine dining complete with vintage wine, inclusive cycling tours, and the goal to provide an enjoyable experience for every traveler they assist. Here is a look at all that Butterfield & Robinson has to offer, and why they should be at the top of your short list of bike tour providers.

Tour Offerings

Butterfield & Robinson has a vast selection of tours available to travelers including biking tours, walking tours, family-friendly excursions, self-guided tours, and even tours by sea that can be enjoyed from the deck of a small, well-built ship.  Additionally, Butterfield & Robinson provides services to travelers of all skill metrics as there are various activity levels associated with each tour, ranging from easy to challenging.

Unique Destinations

One of the things that sets Butterfield & Robinson apart from other bicycle tour providers is their incredibly unique list of vacation destinations. With tour destinations in the North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East, your options are just about endless. Some of their unbelievable tour destinations include the China Private bicycling tour, the Middle East Bespoke walking tour, and the incredible boat tour of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, just to name a few. Butterfield & Robinson take you where you’ve only dreamed of going.

What’s Included

Butterfield & Robinson offer many affordable tour packages for travelers. Tour packages include lodging at an attractive hotel or inn, delicious meals, tour guides, gratuities, internal flights, and more. Butterfield & Robinson strive to make your adventure a life changing one, and is highly recommended for your next vacation.