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Classic Adventures

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For over thirty years, Classic Adventureshas provided bicycle tours and supportservices to bicyclists both novice and of the expert level. Offering bicycle tours in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Classic Adventures has a tour for you regardless of skill level, with guided and self-guided tours available. Classic Adventures prides itself on providing professional and quality services to travelers who want to see the world from their bicycle. Additionally, Classic Adventures provides their services at a highly competitive price for travelers who are working with a budget. Marketing themselves as a premier source for domestic and international bicycle vacations, Classic Adventures provides an incredible experience for bicyclists both novice and experienced. Read on for a review of Classic Adventures, and why they are a prime choice for your next bicycle vacation.

Plenty of Options to Choose From

Classic Adventures certainly does not lack options. Some of the bicycle tours they offer include Texas Hill Country, Germany: The Historic Romantic Road Bike Tour, Historic Quebec, and more. Classic Adventures offers many varying tour lengths with some lasting about a week, while others span over months at a time. Classic Adventure allows large groups up to 20-24 cyclists, however their typical group size is a more modest 12-16 participants. Regardless of what you choose, Classic Adventure has some great options for you.

Catering to Bicyclists of All Levels

Classic Adventures caters to bicyclists of all skill level, and has plenty of tours for novice and experts riders alike. Some of the fantastic bicycle tours that Classic Adventures offer for beginners include The Historic Erie Canal in New York, the Lake Constance tour, which winds through Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, and the Mississippi: Natchez Trace and the Ante-Bellum South tour. Meanwhile, more experienced riders will enjoy options such as the  Greece: Island of Crete Extreme Bicycling Tour, the Extreme Vermont tour,  and challenging 63 day Coast to Coast USA Bike Tour.

Package Deals

Classic Adventures provides package deals that allows you to maximize your vacation budget. Packages include lodging at an attractive inn or hotel, breakfast and dinner, bicycle equipment and maps, experienced multi-lingual guides, and much more. Many of the tours are highly affordable and priced to sell.