Different Types of Tours

Bike tours offer a wide variety of amenities and perks for cyclists. There is a bike vacation suited to any type of taste and desire imaginable. Different cycling vacations have different themes. The type of available perks usually depends on what type of theme a company may offer.

Wine and Food Focused Bike Tours
Fans of fine wines can enjoy cycling tours gear to wet their whistles with a variety of wines. Cyclists can expect to travel to several locations to sample the offerings of some of the best wine producers in any given area. This type of guided bike tour can occur at home or abroad, and cyclists can enjoy shopping and other activities along the way as well.
Nothing is more stimulating than cycling in distant lands and sampling the local cuisine. You can eat all you want given the calories you burn on the road. Cycling tours to France, Italy, and Spain usually include opportunities to sample the local fare. There are numerous cycling tour companies that offer food related bike tours where cyclists can burn calories and fuel up on the best foods imaginable without gaining an ounce.
We recommend Italy, France, and Napa Valley for wine-focused tours.  Tuscany and Piedmont are recommended in Italy, while Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne are tops in France.  If the food is more important to you than the wine, go with Provence in France.  On some of the very top end tours, a celebrity chef will join your, or you might get lessons from a Michelin-starred master.
Event Centric
A number of tours center on a special event.  Of course there are many who attend the Grand Tours of Europe, the Tour de France, Giro de Italia, and the Spanish Vuelta.  But there are other organized tours where you might be able to compete in a Gran Fondo or UWCT event in a special location.  There were a number of South Africans riding in Amy's Gran Fondo/Great Ocean Road when I participated.

Challenging Tours
For serious bikers, there are tours that challenge you to the core.  For those looking to take a step up in Europe, hilly Tuscany and Piedmont, the Swiss and French Alps, and the Pyrenees are a good choice.   The Colorado Rockies is also a good choice for a challenge.  We've done a write-up on how to plan a tour to ride the mountains of Europe.  Another option is to follow one of the three Grand Tours of Europe, and ride a few of the challenge stages that the pros do.  On many of these, a pro will join you!
Mountain Biking Tours
Getting off the road and onto mountain biking trails is another great option.  Logistically, these are a bit more difficult to support and are typically are for the more vigorous rider.  There are many places in Europe that are suited to mountain biking, as well as great rides in Colorado and Utah in the USA.  
Specialty Tours
There are special bike tours that combine special interests with riding.  These can include educational/history tours, or ones that combine an additional activity. One of our favorite ideas is the yoga bike tour.
Premium Bikes
Some companies such as Cannondale Tours or Trek Travel offer higher end bike as companies seek to promote their rides.  It's a nice perk to ride a great bike in an amazing location.
Bike Tours with Killer Accommodations
Nothing is more enticing for cyclists than long days on the road followed by excellent accommodations. Many cyclists participate in adventures featuring stays in 4 star hotel and posh villas.
Vesta Velo offers Grand Hotel bike tours of some of the most prestigious hotels in New Hampshire.  The Hotel Belvedere in Riccione, Italy is a hotel that focuses primarily on cyclists. They even offer bike rentals and bike storage for cyclists.
There are a range of tour types for cyclists designed to meet every possible desire a cyclist could have. Many offer all-inclusive perks and amenities for cyclists, and cyclists don’t have to leave the country to experience bike vacations with perks. These types of tours are available on almost every continent.