Far and Away

Far and Away
1016 S. Wayne St. #904
Arlington, VA 22204

Transporting visitors to some of the most exotic and unique places on earth by bicycle, Far and Away Upward Mobility cycling tours take guests down the backgrounds of many rare locations. The company specifically targets those with a desire for adventure by taking them to off-road locations.

With prices ranging from $1,600 to $2,800, Far and Away offers moderately-priced touring adventures. Bike rentals range from $100 to $150 depending on location. Far and Away offers three discount programs: $100 off for signing up more than five months in advance; $100 for each customer referral; $100 off for booking tours “back to back”.

All tours are fully supported and offer hotel and meal accommodations. The number of individuals in each group is based on occupancy at the hotel. Therefore, booking early will allow for larger groups. The experience level required for each tour differs based on the location but most have lengthy trips and many hills so experienced riders are recommended. Far and Away offers seven upcoming tours including Croatia, Spain, Sikkim, Cambodia, Laos, Indochina and Corsica. Although the focus of each tour differs, Far and Away was built to discover the ancient past of each country.

Far and Away offers an excellent traveling experience with fascinating locations, affordable prices and a hands-on owner. Since the company caters to a specific type of traveler, there are many repeat customers.