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Great Explorations
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Great Explorations offers all-inclusive bike tours to the most unique destinations in the world. It offers a range of tours across price ranges, with options for extended tours that run up to two weeks, something many other companies don’t offer off the rack. On high-end tours, Michelin-rated accommodations range from exotic five-star hotel spas and resorts offering soothing massages and in-house culinary masterpieces to lavishly furnished lodgings surrounded by towering mountains and elegantly sloping hills.

Great Exploration’s high standards for cycling vacations rank high amongst its competitors. You have the flexibility to add or change your itinerary to fit your cycling vacation. Whether you choose to take a day off to relax or decide to tackle a tougher terrain, Great Explorations is there to assist you.

A 10-day bicycling tour in Burma sets the stage for moderate biking. Supported by van, active hybrid and mountain bike cyclists travel along varied terrain containing hills, plateaus and beautiful lakes. The cycling route leads to ancient statues, temples and shrines.  

Situated in the lush green hills and countryside of Tuscany are medieval castles, wineries producing Canaiolo Nero and a number of wonderful spa retreats perfect for relaxing with yoga. If relaxing is not an option, the tough hills offered by the Provence Multisport Tour is preferred. A combination of hiking and active mountain biking provides a challenging, but invigorating experience.

Family bike tours in Umbria, Loire Valley and Ireland follow easy to moderate routes along hilly or paved terrain. The paved roads of Umbria are excellent for 7-day family or group outings by road bike.

Up to 16 cyclists may participate in all bike tours. Tours may be customized, private or self-guided upon request.  Travelers want to be in good physical condition for the best experience. Since pricing changes yearly, cyclists should contact a Traveler Advisor for this information.