Decadent chocolate desserts, daring fashion shows and beer to tempt even the most discerning connoisseurs’ taste buds all describe what Belgium has to offer you. However, a glowing gem – cycling - hides within all the jewels of Belgium. Cycling is fast becoming a reason to visit this great country in Europe. While on holiday, experience the best of Belgium by bike.

Climate and Terrain

The country’s temperate climate along the coastal regions produces warm to cool summers and mild winters ideal for all-year cycling vacations. Rainfall occurs consistently in Belgium but the months of April to September often see less rain than any other time.

Belgium’s terrain consists of perfect flat cycling plains in the northwestern region of the country, while the southeastern region pays homage to the great Ardennes Forest and its vast mountains. Within the central region are undulating hills perfect for active mountain bike riding.

Best Cycling Locations and Regions

Any holiday in Belgium is not complete without a city tour by bike. Brussels, the country’s capital, offers many opportunities for shopping at unique boutiques, visiting history museums and dining at a host of delightful eateries. Road cycling in this region during the day takes you through popular streets filled with art and culture sites, such as the gorgeous 17th century Grand Place and the elegant Royal Palace.

Ypres, a town in the Flanders region and of great importance, boasts amazing flat terrain hybrid or road bike. Bicycling in Ypres Salient takes you to historical World War I battlefields and several burial sites. Bruges is another cycling locale in Flanders. The town’s cobblestone streets, various history museums and centuries-old homes are worth exploring by road bike.  While cycling Flanders, make a special stop in Antwerp and visit its thriving marketplace, which is surrounded by medieval architecture. Here is where you find paved roads very suitable for road biking.  

The region of Wallonia introduces you to a variety of road and mountain bike adventures. You can take on the paved terrain of Namur or tackle the forest, ridges and mountains of the Ardennes to test your endurance and cycling skills.

Bike Tours Through Belgium

Belgium hosts many accommodating tour operators for cycling vacations and bike tours. Whether you are a casual rider or an active cyclist, these companies have everything you need. Hooked on Cycling Holidays offers two adventurous self-guided tours for recreational hybrid bike riding. Cycling routes consisting of easy canals, flat terrains and beautiful countrysides take you from Roeselare to Bruges.

An all-inclusive guided bike tour by Bike Belgium can customize your experience to meet your personal or fitness needs. The company offers luxury bike tours, private tours and family tours with cycling routes in the Ardennes and Gent-Wevelgem. While wine is king in other European countries, beer is the ruling monarch in Belgium. Bike Belgium provides several must-do beer tours by road bike. A van, luxury hotel accommodations and meals of are included with your bike tour package. You choose the terrain: cobblestone, hilly or challenging.

Getting Around Belgium

Antwerp Airport (ANR), Brussels Airport (BRU) and Liege Airport (LGG) are three major airports in Belgium. Once you arrive, coach, train and car will take you around the country’s regions, towns and cities. Of course, cycling is the best and most entertaining way to travel.