Costa Brava

Costa Brava is a sliver of rocky Mediterranean coastline which lies along the shore of the Catalunya region of Spain. El Bulli, the world famous restaurant of Fernand Adria, is just one of the many exquisite dining venues to be found here. Locally, the traditional food is described as “mar i montaña” or “Surf-n-Turf”.

Bike Friendly Vacation Spot

Depending on the bike tour you select, Costa Brava can offer a relaxing ride along the sea, a high-speed race plunging down the side of a mountain, or a challenging climb through the hills overlooking the coast. There are tours, sites, and dining options for every skill level and budget in Costa Brava.

Most towns along the coastline have built wonderful promenades which often connect with the neighboring town. Although, at times these connections are nothing more than a foot path over a steep cliff. For those more interested in difficult climbs and high vistas, the Pyrenees mountain range is close by and offers great views of the Spanish coastline. Riding along the Spanish coast, there are tours and trails for the novice to intermediate rider. Venturing into the mountains is best left to more advanced cyclists. However, one thing remains constant throughout all these adventures, Costa Brava offers an ideal climate year round.

Tourist Sites

Beautiful and secluded beaches can be found along the rugged coves of Costa Brava. Although technically not part of the Costa Brava region of Spain, Barcelona is often on the trip itinerary for anyone venturing into Catalunya. Within the art, architecture, and history of Barcelona, you'll find wide sandy beaches, monumental churches, and ancient Roman walls. This land is full of the works of Salvador Dali, Picasso, and Antoni Gaudí.


There are 41 vineyards scattered across the Costa Brava region of Spain, often known in oenology circles as the Empordà wine region. Most of these vineyards are relatively small with mostly regional distribution. However, the Catalunya favorite, Cava, is exported to consumers around the globe.

Major Cities

The two major cities in the area of Costa Brava are Girona and Banyoles. These are the commerce and trade centers for the region and provide connections to transportation throughout the rest of Spain. Along the coastline, howerver, there are a series of smaller towns and villages such as Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Sant Antoni de Calonge, and Palamós. Each of these towns is crowded within a particular cove along the Costa Brava shoreline.

Airport and Transportation

Bike tours of Costa Brava typically begin or end in Barcelona. This is, at least partly, due to the location of El Prat international airport (BCN). From here, it's a quick bus or train ride to any of a number of cities along the Costa Brava coast.