Mallorca is a tiny island of the Mediterranean coast of Spain which is extremely popular for vacations. With its amazing views, beautiful architecture, and wide open roads it is particularly well suited for bike tours. Those wanting to experience this island when it comes alive should consider a summer tour. While those looking for a more peaceful and romantic getaway may want to consider the off season.

Mallorca - a bike friendly vacation spot

Wide open roads, sunny beaches, great food, and amazing wine make Mallorca a great bike vacation island. Being an island, there are naturally very few vehicles. Even during the tourist season, everyone arrives at the airport and shuttles around by bus and train. This means the roads are always hospitable to bike travel. Additionally, the expansive coast of this Mediterranean island provides many opportunities for amazing views and great bike rides along the coast.

Tourist Sites in Mallorca

Beyond the beaches and clubs along the coast, there are many tourist sites in Mallorca. Some of the most common sites on any bike tour of Mallorca include Ses Salines, Cap Rocat, and the talaiots. Ses Salines is a region known for salt production since the times of the Roman Empire. The landscape if full of beautiful mountains of salt which are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the pallet. A former military fortress, Cap Rocat has been transformed into a posh hotel. There are beautiful views of the coastline from the terrace and a night club, called The Bunker, in the former gunpowder depot. Additionally, this hotel offers all the amenities you would expect from a resort hotel, manicures, pedicures, facials, Ayurveda message, and many other spa services are available. The island of Mallorca and Menorca are the only two islands in the world where you can visit the talaiots. These megaliths were put in place around three thousand years ago by the Talaiotic people of the Iron Age.

Checking out Mallorca Wineries

One of the oldest wineries in Mallorca is Bodega Son Artigues. First mentioned as a wine producing vineyard in the 1500s, Bodega Son Artigues reopened its wine production in 2000. Mallorca also boasts two recognized distinct wine regions on the island. The largest is Plà i Llevant which takes up much of the central portion of the island and extends to the east. The other region, Binissalem, is much smaller and only covers a plateau which is slightly to the northwest of the center of the island. Many of the same grapes are planted in both regions. However, differences in elevation and protection from Mediterranean winds result in climate distinctions which influence the various wines produced.

Major Cities

Palma de Mallorca is the largest city in Mallorca and the capital of the Balearic Islands of Spain. This is the center of transportation, commerce, and banking for the island. One of the best cities for cycling along the beach is Alcudia. Here you will find a 7.5mi bike trail through S'Albufera Natural Park. Another great city to visit would be Cala d'Or, which hosts an annual Jazz Festival.

Airport and Transportation

The only airport on the island of Mallorca is located in the capital city of Palma. However, Palma de Mallorca Airport is the third largest in Spain and the busiest in Europe during the summer. This airport can shuttle over 12,000 passengers through the terminals each hour. Once you're on the ground, Mallorca is well connected by a network of rail and bus transit options.