Mountains of Europe

Challenging Bike Tours in the Mountains of Europe

Do you love the thrill of reaching the peak of a mountain and completing a grueling climb? Cycling the mountains of Europe is an adventure only advanced cyclists can experience. The views are well worth the ride, but a considerable amount of preparation is required to scale these mountains. The down-hill sections are even more enjoyable after you've conquered gravity on other side of the mountain.


There are many bike tours that cross between the French, Italian, Austrian and Swiss Alps. The majority of these are focused on the monumental assents of past Grand Tours. These trips are guaranteed to burn more calories than you consume while introducing you to some of the most amazing vistas the Alps have to offer. Also, there are some Alps bike tours which allow you to get further off the beaten path, or even design you own trip. Each of these tours will begin and end at different locations across the Alps. However, air, train, and bus travel throughout this region is quite well developed. Getting to the start of the tour and back home again is quite easy. These tours often begin in Lyon, Munich, or Zurich – each of these cities having its own international airport.


Along the border of Spain and France lies one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in all the world, and one of the smallest countries of the world. Any tour of the Pyrenees mountains should include a brief lay-over in Andorra, if only to experience the world-class Caldea Spa. Some tours in the Pyrenees mountains will cross from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic while others begin in Barcelona and circle through the Pyrenees on their way to Costa Brava. However, most bike tours of the Pyrenees mountains will have riders climbing along segments of past Grand Tours and taking in the beautiful vistas along the way. The various Pyrenees bike tours will each begin and end in different cities throughout this region. This is partly due to the ease of access provided by the many bus, train, and air transit options that service the area. These tours typically begin either in Barcelona or Toulouse, depending on whether the tour will focus on the Mediterranean or Atlantic side of the Pyrenees mountain range.


Being a sub-section of the Alps mountain range which falls entirely within north-eastern Italy, the Dolomites are no less challenging than the larger Alps range. These hills are full of picturesque vistas, amazing Italian dining, and incredible roads to ride. Some tours focus on the past rides of the Grand Tour, other take riders on a tour of sights and foods this region has to offer, and, still others, develop grueling treks through these hills. No matter what you're after, the Dolomites can dish it out. However, as with the other mountain range tours, there is no common starting and ending point for all these tours. Also, the region is similarly covered with bus, train, and air transit systems which can get your to and from your bike tour with ease. These tours commonly begin in either Moena or Cortina d'Ampezzo, neither of which has an airport. The nearest international airport is located in Venice.