Visiting the Grand Tours of Europe

Cycling enthusiasts will love the opportunity to ride along the course of the most famous bike races in the world. This can be done throughout the year by booking tours along specific portions of past races. However, there are many tour operators who also offer bike tours of the race as it happens. These tours seek out the best vantage points for viewing the race and take riders there on two wheels.

However, these tours are designed for the cycling enthusiast and are not recommended for the novice. Some popular tour operators that run these types of trips are DuVine Adventures, Phil Anderson Cycling Tours, and Discover France Adventures.  Note that the path of these tours changes every year.  That’s why it’s especially beneficial to work with a guide that help you make sure you get the best perspective.

Visiting the Tour de France

The most iconic international bike race, Tour de France, has been divided into manageable segments allowing even novice riders to experience some portion of this epic journey. In total, this race requires a 21 day commitment of painful climbs and time trials, not to mention the grueling year round training and physical conditioning involved. However, cyclists on some tour can cross the finish line along Champs Élysées just ahead of the actual race participants on various tages. Best of all, after a long day of cycling, each tour package includes bountiful quantities of French culinary treats and wine. After burning all those calories on the tour, you can indulge a little without gaining weight as many of these stages are challenging.  Our suggestion is to try to algin your tour visit with a part of France you would like to see and spend some time in.  

Visiting the Giro d'Italia

Each year, the Giro d'Italia takes riders on a staggering ride through Italy in chase of a pink jersey. Those riders who have always wondered what it would be like to ride on such an adventure can do so by dividing the course into more manageable segments. Alternatively, you could take a bike tour of Italy as the race is progressing. This way you can watch the race, experience the thrill of the ride, and rest easy knowing that Italian food and wine are waiting for you at the hotel. The route changes each year, but the scenery and cuisine is always amazing.

Visiting the Vuelta a España

The Vuelta a España is a 23 day race, including two rest days, which takes riders on a grueling tour of Spain. Each segment of this race can become a bike vacation on its own, but there is also an option to take a bike tour of the race as it happens. While some sections of the race are mostly flat, a larger portion of it involves hills and very steep grades. This is a bike tour which is best left to experienced riders. However, even the most novice riders will enjoy the amazing food and wine that comes from the various regions of Spain which are visited along the race. This race may start in a different city each year, but the finish line is always in Madrid. Typically, Vuelta a España bike tours will also begin and end in Madrid.