Bike Tour Accommodations: What are your options?

Accommodations can be an integral part of the experience for cycling vacations. Scenic and tranquil locations rate high on the list for most cycling tours. Of course, comfort, cleanliness, and great food are also requirements for accommodations no matter where a cyclist stays while participating in bike tours.

Many luxury bike tours offer cyclists the ability to stay in luxury accommodations with pools and spas.  Staying at world class chateaus, castles, villas, and other amazing venues can be an integral part of the high-end bike tour experience. Luxury bike vacations offer cyclists prestigious amenities while they work hard at playing. There is nothing better than resting at a luxury resort after a day of biking. Additionally, accommodations that are run by helpful hosts who are sympathetic to the specific needs cyclists have would be an ideal choice.

We've got a few recommendations across different levels of budget here.

Accommodations for Custom / High End Group Tours

Luxury tours are a great option for cyclists who have the means and will ensure that you stay in 4 and 5 star luxury accommodations.  Chateaus, boutique luxury hotels and grand castles with world-class service, spas and amenities are often on the docket.

Butterfield & Robinson offers cyclists several exotic locations to visit. Most of their cycling adventures are framed around tours of various countrysides and visits to the best food and wine establishments in the area. Riders can visit exotic locations such as India, Morocco, and Tuscany.

DuVine Adventures also offers custom group tours in  Europe and other fascinating global locations. Cyclists can even enjoy food provided by a chef on wheels. Duvine tours encompass just about every continent. Touring locations are available in Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Accommodations for Medium Priced Guided Group Tours

Guided group tours are generally organized with accommodations included in the trip package. The total trip purchase price usually includes the shuttle or van and venues, which may be 3 or 4 star hotels on a luxury bike tour. Lower end guided group tours may have less expensive options for accommodations to suit the needs of travelers on a budget.

Companies like VBT offers less expensive biking vacations for cyclists, but with . The tours still offer far off destinations in Europe, Italy, and France for about half the price of the tours offered Duvine and Butterfield & Robinson.  They often include travel as well.  Many of the hotels at this price point are still fantastic, with boutique hotels and charming B&Bs par for the course.

Accommodations for Self-Guided Tours

Standard accommodations for self-guided tours can vary from region to region. Cyclists on self-guided tours usually determine their own accommodations and may find that intimate family owned operations provide the best stays.  Guides such as Rick Steve’s, or websites such as TripAdvisor can help you find quality, safe budget places to stay.  Camping may also be an option for cyclists on self-guided tours.

Before beginning a cycling tour, it is best to call ahead and find out more about the types of accommodations available in each area, and whether they are near interesting attractions that cyclists may desire to visit during the tour. Some other aspects to be considered when deciding on a place to stay during a self-guided bike vacation are:

  • Is there a secure storage area for bikes?
  • Is Internet access available?
  • Are private bathroom facilities available?
  • Are the accommodations convenient to dining and other attractions?

The types of accommodations available to cyclists can vary with the location and type of tour. The most important part of preparing for a cycling tour is to research available accommodations before beginning any journey. A little homework done ahead of time can save riders from frustration and extra expenses that can be incurred out of lack of research.