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Pack and Pedal Europe offers a wide range of bike tours in most European countries. Tours range from five to 14-days and cater to all skill levels. It is easy to see the difficulty rating of each tour they offer, and they range from easy to difficult. Easy tours consist mostly of flat terrain, but will have some hills. The specifics of each tour's terrain is explained in each tour's description. You can choose either a guided or self-guided tour, however some locations only have one option. Group sizes range from 10 to 30 people and some tours have a lower age limit, so if you plan to travel with children make sure they can take part in the cycling tour you want.

All tours take you through great parts of the local scenery and to a number of tourist attractions on pre-scouted routes that use quiet roads as much as possible. A number of tours include entry into some landmarks. You will to see some of the best historical sights along the route, as well as sample local food, beer, and wine, such as Chianti when on the Tuscany tour. Tours run throughout the year, but keep in mind that some locations will fill up quickly during certain seasons. For example, the bike tour of the Netherlands in the spring is hugely popular as it takes you past vast colorful fields of blooming tulips. You can also book a bike tour that takes you through more than one country such as, the Amsterdam to Bruges tour. In Spain, you can choose from a number of tours exploring the countryside of Girona, Dali country, Andalusia, or the Mediterranean region of Catalonia.

All tours focus on truly exploring and getting to know the local region. You will travel to picturesque villages and cities, get the chance to taste local cuisine, learn about the region’s history, and see the best natural beauty in the area. Prices are not cheap, but reasonable  considering what’s included and range from 500 - 1,600 euros per person. Tour prices include accommodation, which is mostly small local establishments such as, farmhouses, small local hotels where possible, even on a boat. Prices also include the use of a quality bicycle which is customized for your height and weight, and breakfast each day. Some tours also include lunch and dinner and other perks such as, entry to a tourist attraction. Meals don't have a special focus on eating healthy, even though they have a fitness focus due to the amount of cycling you will do. If you have special dietary needs, you can request these when you book. Before you travel a trip packet is sent to you by email giving you plenty of time to prepare and ask questions.