Why do a yoga and bike tour?

Doing a Yoga and Bike Tour- A Complete Holiday Relaxation Experience

In the recent few years, people have come up with several innovative ways to relax and unwind, to find some priceless moments of peace and tranquility amidst the chaos that surrounds them otherwise. The combination of yoga and bike tours is a perfect example of such an attempt which involves the mind and the body simultaneously. A bike ride along gorgeous beaches or hilly terrains offers an ideal opportunity to rejoice in the beauty of nature while daily sessions of yoga and meditation provide the much needed peace and calm.

What is so unique about yoga and bike tours?

Truth be told, the uniqueness of these tours lies in the combination of yoga and biking. If you thought that a bike tour is simply about biking through areas of scenic beauty, you are in for quite a surprise. A bike tour is a combination of a number of elements- natural opulence, exotic experiences like trips through vineyards, a taste of local cuisines and the thrill that accompanies adventure.

Yoga and meditation enhance the overall appeal of a regular bike trip. There is no better way to practice yoga than in the middle of an orchard or a vineyard. Alternatively, you can even begin your adventurous day with an hour of yoga at a beachside. Apart from preparing you physically for the bike ride, a morning session of yoga also energizes you psychologically.

A yoga bike tour is a treat for the fitness freak as well. Bike tours can be categorized according to their level of difficulty. For example, if the tour includes rocky landscape, it might be relatively more strenuous. If you are a committed fitness freak, you can opt for one of these physically demanding tours. The adventure and thrill of these challenging biking sprees can be balanced by the calm offered by yoga. Needless to say, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

Companies offering yoga bike tours

Yoga bike tours are offered in different locations throughout the world. Great Explorations offers the priceless combination of yoga and biking in the gorgeous province of Tuscany in Italy. In fact, the complete Italian experience is up for grabs as the itinerary includes a trip to the vineyards of Castellina along with trips to places of historical interest like Castle Meleto. Of course, there are daily sessions of yoga which are supplemented by hydrotherapy and spa therapy as well.

DuVine Adventures has serveral yoga bike tours and offers tours in multiple locations, the Loire river in France and Connemara in Ireland being just a few examples. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the richness of culture and heritage in these areas as you visit age old vineyards and castles that seem to be straight out of fairy tales. An hour of yoga and meditation will rejuvenate your body and soul every morning, preparing you for the joys that await you.

Quite evidently, Europe makes for a perfect biking destination since it is perfect mix of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Therefore, a majority of the yoga bike tours are offered within this continent. At the same time, companies like Free Wheeling Adventures offer yoga bike tours in Nova Scotia region of Canada as well. Irrespective of the place you go to, you are bound to be mesmerized by the completeness of your holiday experience. The scenic beauty will please your senses, yoga will rejuvenate your mind and the feeling of adventure offered by the bike ride will send a thrill down your spine.